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Parents and Players,


Its that time of the year when you hear birds chirping, lawn movers revving up their engines and the ping and the thump of balls hitting bats and mitts!

Parents, you may also be thinking about college. Along with getting ready for baseball season, this is also a time of the year where there are millions of families stuck in the college process, not knowing what the next step is. Simply trying to find a way to pay for college can be overwhelming enough as the sheer cost of college is now crippling students and their families at a record rate. We can help!

Welcome to Be your Best Academy (B.B.A.) Baseball working in conjunction with College Logic to bring you the best in college-prep baseball. We give you the best baseball training with instructional expertise of nationally recognized and trusted authority, Paul Niggebrugge, combined with the college expertise of Hans Hanson, a national college advisor & author, collaborating to help families get the outcomes they want and to know the difference. Coach Nick’s goal for every player/family is to get them the best baseball opportunity they desire and earn. Hans’ goal for every player/family is to get them involved, engaged, and knowledgeable of the complete college process early on for creating their own unique advantages along the way. 

With that being said, only 1 in 25 high school athletes will ever have the privilege of competing in college athletics. That’s only 4% of all high school athletes! Allow B.B.A. and College Logic the most comprehensive system for learning the college process, help you navigate the college landscape, and defy the odds of you playing college baseball at the school of your choice. Check out what you get when you sign up for their programs down below and visit their website and sign-up for one of their FREE webinars by clicking the picture above!

Let our partners at College Logic know how much we value their friendship and expertise!

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Best of luck,

Coach Nick and The B.B.A. Team






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