Compensation & Adaptability – Aaron Struminger Talks to BBA Pitchers
February 3, 2017
Dr. Damian Andrisani, Aaron Struminger and Aron McConnell Work with Caravel Academy Pitchers
March 20, 2017

Great Quote From Bruce Lee!

Bruce Lee Quote

Bruce Lee Quote

One of the greatest athletes, and also one of the greatest thinkers, of our time, who we look up to here at BBA, is Bruce Lee. As a tremendously strong and lean bodied fighter, we think that Lee would have made a great pitcher, due to his long levers and powerful body.

This quote is great and thought provoking from our perspective because we never want to create a rut for our students. We want to create good routines and habits, but we must find ways to keep things fun, new, and exciting.


-Coach Nick and The BBA Team

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