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N.U.K.isms - You Asked, We Delivered!

Greetings to The BBA Community!

Recently, we sent out a survey to several thousand people consisting of parents, coaches, and baseball players, and asked them about what specifically that they had concerns about, were interested in, or wanted to know more about when it came to their son, their players, or themselves playing the game of baseball. We sent out this survey with the intention of creating an informative video series from the data we received, about both pitching AND batting, as well as the mental aspects of the game. We have called the series “N.U.K.isms”, with the NUK standing for “Now U Know”, as we hope to better inform you about the game of baseball. From the results of the survey, we received some fascinating responses and saw multiple patterns emerge!

From the replies we received, we were intrigued that many people were either concerned, curious or interested in several of the same topics.

The first topic people were interested in, was the looming threat of arm injuries. It is no secret that arm injuries have become more prevalent in recent years as more and more players are getting injured for a number of reasons. Teaming up with Delivery Value System (click HERE to visit their website), we have created and addressed this by making one video in the series entirely about reducing the risk of arm injuries. Coach Nick goes deep and cuts through the fluff, and gets to the stuff to address as many factors as possible to reduce a pitcher’s risk of injury. Now, we want to be clear that there is no way to entirely prevent an arm injury from occurring, unless you stop throwing entirely; we can only help reduce, manage and predict the probability of the risks associated with performing the explosive, athletic and beautiful movement that is pitching a baseball.

Another topic that many people had asked about, as we anticipated, was to learn more about sharpening the craft of pitching and batting. In several of the videos, Coach Nick did a fantastic job explaining what we teach at BBA and going over what it takes to become an elite pitcher and batter from a mental and physical standpoint.

The last common factor we saw from the survey results was that people wanted to know a lot more about the process of getting to play at the next level and playing college baseball, with the possibility of receiving a scholarship. We are very proud to have a great friend be a part of our BBA Team, Hans Hanson, Founder of College Logic (visit our collaborative college recruiting website HERE), who has not only provided us with valuable and useful information, but has also been a tremendous asset for us to refer families to, to help save thousands of dollars in tuition, and offering assistance to those who wish to play baseball at the collegiate level. In our corresponding video in the series, Coach Nick dives into the intricacies of the game itself that allows players to be successful in college, as well as open their eyes to the realities of being a college athlete.

Topics covered in the series include: reducing the risk of arm injuries, improving your mechanics, how to get to play in college, how to do your best when it means the most by handling pressure, drills and exercises that you can do at home to strengthen your game, how to throw harder and hit the ball farther, and several more! In total, our “N.U.K.isms” video series contains 8 videos, all of which contain a segment about pitching AND batting for that particular topic. The only exception is that, as previously mentioned, one video is specifically dedicated to the topic of preventing arm injuries.

For the introductory price of only $49.99 (regular price $99.99), you will have access to all 8 videos, whether that be all at once, or on a weekly basis through an email series. Either way, you will be provided with tremendous value by not only receiving our video series, but also receiving our Game Management Guide absolutely FREE! Our Game Management Guide is designed to help parents, players, and coaches know what to do and how to prepare for games more effectively. After you have absorbed and seen the positive effect of the videos, you can then continue to receive more advanced and detailed content breaking down specifics in each video…

We are very proud of this product and are excited to hear your feedback after you see all of the videos! If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (302) 834-1120, or email us at

Thank you for your time, trust and support in Be your Best Academy…we look forward to hearing from you soon!


All the Best,

Coach Nick and The BBA Team
“Bridging the gap between your potential, and game performance realities…”


Credits and many thanks for their information to:

  • Kyle Boddy
  • Alan Jaeger
  • Rick Peterson
  • Ron Wolforth
  • Justin Orenduff
  • Lantz Wheeler
  • Fred Corral
  • Hans Hanson
  • Rob Niggebrugge