Solve Your Pitching Problems




*Not throwing faster & better strikes without pain?
*Confused about how & where to prepare & train?
*Can’t get “hitters” out?
*My off-speed pitches are ineffective?

ALLOW B.B.A. TO SOLVE ALL YOUR PITCHING PROBLEMS WITH THE 4-C PITCHING SOLUTION…Where we fill in the the gap between your abilities and game performance…


*Jason Bilous (Caravel H.S. pitcher topping out at 94 mph)…”Coach Nick has helped me identify and understand what I need to specifically do to throw harder and safely. He not only cares about performance but me as a person…”

*Zach Flowers (Tulane Freshman pitcher topped out 91 mph)…”Coach Nick has given me the confidence to compete against the countries best hitters. He will show you and get you, to focus on your strengths and manage your weaknesses. He is able to do this because he cares about you the person first and the pitcher second…trust him completely and take in all of his awesome information and instruction…

*Brett Oberholtzer (Houston Astros starting pitcher)…”Anyone who wants to learn how to pitch at the highest level must train with Coach Nick. He will get you to feel a smooth pitching delivery, understand proper preparation/training and also how important the mind is in getting hitters out…”

*Alan Jaeger (Long Toss & Mental Expert)…”When it comes to teaching and coaching, Paul Niggebrugge is someone I strongly recommend due to his tremendous insight and passion for the game of baseball. Paul not only understands the “mechanics” of the game intimately, but he also has great insight into some of the more subtle and cutting edge aspects of the game, like the mental side…”

*Alison Benjamin (Parent of H.S. Pitcher)…Coach Nick has been instrumental in Coles success! He not only taught him how to pitch but more importantly how to be his own coach. Cole is now reaching 91 mph, Maryland H.S. leader in strikeouts and is doing so with command and no pain…”

*Phil Donnley (Hall of Fame & Phillies Physical Therapist)…Paul is someone that never stops learning as he searches and seeks out the best programs, systems, practices and coaches…”

Coach Niggebrugge & Trusted B.B.A. Staff, or 302-834-1120