You Never Know When Greatness Is About To Happen

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July 21, 2016
15 years since 9/11
September 11, 2016

You Never Know When Greatness Is About To Happen



One of our favorite things about baseball, as well as sports in general, is that great moments can happen at anytime. Pitchers don’t come to the ballpark knowing they are going to throw a no-hitter. Batters don’t come to the field knowing they are going to hit three home-runs.

The reality is that nine times out of ten, each play isn’t really that special, but you have to bring energy all the time so that the potential for great things to happen exists. Hall of famers just show up to play and they let the magic happen without the expectation of greatness occurring.

We always tell our players to give everything they have on every pitch, because if they don’t bring it, they could miss out on a magical moment.


-Coach Nick and The BBA Team

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